#2018BOTY Day 24; Best gift!

On the first day of Christmas love gave to me… Well ok she didn’t give me this gift for Christmas but it’s certainly something I appreciate. A gift that keeps on giving if you will. As a bibliophile the gift of an Audible subscription was the perfect gift and I got some books out of… Continue reading #2018BOTY Day 24; Best gift!

#2018BOTY Day 23: Online personality = @EvanCarmichael

2018 I made one little change that had a big impact. I decided that instead of complaining about how much nonsense there was on the internet I was going to use it for good. And YouTube seemed a good place to start. I love catching up with my movie and tech news via YouTube and… Continue reading #2018BOTY Day 23: Online personality = @EvanCarmichael

Isn’t she lovely? #2018BOTY Purchase of the year.

It feels strange saying this now but I’ve never owned a pressure cooker of any kind. Not even the most basic one. It’s one of those things a practicing foodie should own. 2018 was the year for me. I bought this beauty from Takealot and it was love at first sight. She’s a simple looking unit… Continue reading Isn’t she lovely? #2018BOTY Purchase of the year.