#2018BOTY Lesson I learned

I have tasked myself with continuous learning. I try to learn something new every day. Some new way of looking at things, organising, understanding, simplifying or re-imagining. I already mentioned the book Atomic habits by James Clear in my list of honourable mentions for non-fiction book of the year. The book in itself is a… Continue reading #2018BOTY Lesson I learned


#2018BOTY App I discovered – @RescueTime

Apple gave us screen time which does a good job of addressing how much time you spend on activities on your devices. That's pretty cool. I really care about my time and how I use it. Like any other millennial I have a side hustle and I may just spend more time with the side… Continue reading #2018BOTY App I discovered – @RescueTime

Isn’t she lovely? #2018BOTY Purchase of the year.

It feels strange saying this now but I’ve never owned a pressure cooker of any kind. Not even the most basic one. It’s one of those things a practicing foodie should own. 2018 was the year for me. I bought this beauty from Takealot and it was love at first sight. She’s a simple looking unit… Continue reading Isn’t she lovely? #2018BOTY Purchase of the year.